LETRASET TRIA MARKER – Fashion Design Set – 24 Pennarelli + astuccio pantoni



and picked by design industry professionals, Tria Marker 24 Pen Sets give you the optimum colours for a variety of creative disciplines. Each set comes with a stylish wallet for easy carrying and storage. The Tria Marker Fashion Collection contains subtle greys, soft flesh tones and a choice of vibrant colours. With the help of Tria’s 3 nibs, you’ll soon be rendering fabrics and clothing textures with subtlety and flair! Set contains: R327, R354, R465, R934, O177, O345, O527, O618, Y337, Y418, Y717, G136, G619, G935, C528, C719, B845, V528, V546, NG03, NG07, NG10, XB, BL